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ZircoKing® 95 Plus Zirconia Media/Yttia Stabilized

Product: ZircoKing® 95 Plus Zirconia Media/Yttia Stabilized


1.It has delicate internal crystal structure and uniform crystal grain;
2.It has higher density resulting in superior grinding efficiency;
3.It possesses higher wear resistance resulting in minimizing product contamination from media wear and less frequent media replacement;
4.It has narrow size distribution and smooth surface, contributing to higher productivity in grinding and dispersion;
5.It has excellent and flawless surface and will minimize the damage to the mills.

ZircoKing® 95 Plus Zirconia media is the updated product of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia grinding media which is well tailor-made for the high-end customers. ZircoKing® 95 Plus Zirconia media provides a better size distribution, higher wear resistance and more delicate internal crystal structure than ZircoKing® 95 Zirconia media, which finds wide application in high speed vertical & horizontal mills. Widely used in ultra-fine grinding of electronic ceramics, thermo sensitive material, paint, printing ink and nano-materials all over the world.


1.Thermo sensitive materials, dielectric materials, piezoelectric
materials, capacitor.
2.Advanced ceramic materials, ceramic ink, frits and glazes.
3.Chemical materials, paint, pigment, printing ink, dye.
4.Agrochemicals, calcium carbonate, zirconium silicate and other minerals.











 Packing density



 Water Absorption



 Fracture Toughness



 Wear rate

 Planet ball mill (%)

 < 0.05

 Size Available



 Size Tolerance



 Chemical composition (wt%)




 > 5



1.It is forbidden to mix up with other media types during application;

2.The output screen of the mill should match the media size, and be renewed regularly.

All figures and the picture are subject to slight deviation. King’s reserves all rights to change the technical specification at its discretion without prior notice.


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