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Zircoking®95 Zirconia Media/Yttria Stabilized

Product: Zircoking®95 Zirconia Media/Yttria Stablized


Its high wear-resistance effectively eliminates product contamination and reduces the frequency of media replacement.
Its narrow size distribution and smooth surface contributes to higher productivity in grinding and dispersion;
It provides optimum results when processing highly viscous material in high speed vertical & horizontal mills.


1. Dielectric materials, piezoelectric materials, capacitor;
2. Chemical materials, paint, pigment, printing ink, dye;
3. Advanced ceramic materials, frits and glazes;
4. Agrochemicals, calcium carbonate, and other minerals;
5. Foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.
 Packing density
 Crushing load
 > 180
 Water Absorption
 Bending Strength
 Fracture Toughness
 Size Available
 (any size breakdown)


 Chemical composition (wt%)
 > 94
 > 5

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