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King's Gold 95 Zirconia Media/Rare Earth Stablized

Product: King's Gold 95 Zirconia Media/Rare Earth Stablized


Stabilized by Rare Earth, King's Gold 95 Zirconia Media has excellent crystal structure which minimizes the beads breakage and reduces the abrasion to the mill;
It has narrow size distribution and smooth surface, contributing to higher productivity in grinding and dispersion;
It provides optimum results   when   processing highly viscous materials.


1. Dielectric materials, piezoelectric materials, capacitor;
2. Chemical materials, paint, pigment, printing ink, dye;
3. Advanced ceramic materials, frits and glazes;
4. Base metals and precious metals such as gold, copper, PGMs, silver, Zinc and lead;
5. White minerals, calcium carbonate, zirconium silicate and other minerals;
6. Foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.












 Packing density



 Crushing load



 Water Absorption



 Bending Strength



 Fracture Toughness



Wear rate

 Planet ball mill (%)

 < 0.05

 Size Available



 Any size breakdown

 Chemical composition (wt%)



 Other Rare Earth Elements












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